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Not That, Silly Goose!

We are Jon, Celeste & Liam from Portland. This tumblr is a photo diary (with bits of anecdotes) of our family life, wherever home may be.  

Four seems so much older than 3.

It’s an age that Jon and I seem to grapple with. Our Liam is a year older, and in another year he will be in Kindergarten. This was the age when I started having memories that stuck. Being mindful of our words and actions has started to bear more weight upon us. Another phase of parenting.

We thought it was time to do a celebration not in the confines of our home or his school. We have kept it simple in his first 3 years, but because he’s now more aware of birthdays and the associated fun (and presents) that come with it, we decided to do something “extravagant”. Not every year, kid. The kids had fun with their parents on the ice. I was so surprised to see Liam skating on his own after half an hour of lessons. Aah, the joys of being young.

But on his birthday, Monday, we had cupcakes and parfait for afternoon snack. His friends sang to him in English and Spanish. Being around him and his friends reminded me how much of a little boy he is, and how much joy it brings to him to celebrate with his school friends. He told us that he really appreciated that his friends sang to him and greeted him on his birthday.

Happy birthday, Darling. We love you.