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It had been 15 months before we took the trek to Jon’s dad in Clarkston, WA. He was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in the fall last year and while it took a few months before we made the trip happen, we felt it was time to see him again. The disease is progressing rapidly it seems and it was important to see him before he starts to not recognize us.

It was sad to see him and at times we weren’t sure if we were spending enough time with him. And if we were, there was the question of whether a easting in restaurants was far too much for him to bear. The first day we visited him was the saddest for me during the trip. He lost weight and aged a few more years since we saw him last. It must be hard for him because he was such an independent person during his prime years. Assisted living seems to be the best for him, but at times I wonder if having too much time alone makes him forget more.

We’d like to visit him again this year, hopefully soon, with all that’ll go on with summer coming. It was great seeing him again.

It was great to see a childhood friend after almost 22 years. It was funny to talk about the past and have different perspectives on things, mainly because I’m 6 years older. In kid years, that’s worlds apart. Maybe that’s selective memory but I couldn’t remember some of the things we talked about. It brought me back to my childhood and how the world seemed so vast back then. Their family migrated to USA and as a child, I took it for what it was but also felt a shift in my limited social life (back when social life revolved around a block or two of neighborhood kids, apart from kids at school who lived in different areas of the city). Who knew we’d see each other again and that the world isn’t really so large after all.

I had to remember what she was like as a little girl to maybe establish a connection with whom I had yet to meet. Seeing the lady she has become and still notice some demeanor I was familiar with, it continually astounds me how much of our personality as adults is predicated by our childhood. I wonder the same for myself. But you know how there’s a level of comfort seeing someone from your childhood and also feel excitement/anxiety at the same time? Liam wanted them to stay for the weekend. I had fun and it was great re-connecting on a perfect sunny day.

I may work in downtown Portland and spend 5 days a week in it but I don’t really experience it. So in summer, I tend to allot a few weekends just walking its streets. Liam loves downtown too, because, I think, he spends most of his time in the east side.

Today we walked streets both of us hadn’t been on and ate our meals of choices from food carts. We spent a good hour at Director Park where he basked in the fountain, and of course we didn’t have extra clothes because getting wet in fountains is not always in the itinerary. That explains why he was the only kid in his underwear. He even took his underwear off at some point.

It was a beautiful, warm day at 30C. Perfect for everything.