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Not That, Silly Goose!

We are Jon, Celeste & Liam from Portland. This tumblr is a photo diary (with bits of anecdotes) of our family life, wherever home may be.  

Four seems so much older than 3.

It’s an age that Jon and I seem to grapple with. Our Liam is a year older, and in another year he will be in Kindergarten. This was the age when I started having memories that stuck. Being mindful of our words and actions has started to bear more weight upon us. Another phase of parenting.

We thought it was time to do a celebration not in the confines of our home or his school. We have kept it simple in his first 3 years, but because he’s now more aware of birthdays and the associated fun (and presents) that come with it, we decided to do something “extravagant”. Not every year, kid. The kids had fun with their parents on the ice. I was so surprised to see Liam skating on his own after half an hour of lessons. Aah, the joys of being young.

But on his birthday, Monday, we had cupcakes and parfait for afternoon snack. His friends sang to him in English and Spanish. Being around him and his friends reminded me how much of a little boy he is, and how much joy it brings to him to celebrate with his school friends. He told us that he really appreciated that his friends sang to him and greeted him on his birthday.

Happy birthday, Darling. We love you.

There comes a point in early parenthood when you ask yourself: What are we going to do with all my kid’s art? We’ve kept some from his infant-toddler days and threw a lot. There has been a bit of accumulation again and before I start with my purging, we decided to have an art exhibit. Liam wouldn’t sell though! We invited Desi and Julian to come see it, but what was entertaining was when he talked about his inspiration for each piece of work.

Liam also started with his half-dance-half-gym class this month. I was a bit surprised that he was the only boy and the girls were all wearing pink leotards and tutus. They study basic dance moves, rhythm, and gym. We decided to try the class because he enjoys dancing, but also getting physical at gym. He enjoyed his previous class that was purely gym but he started getting bored towards Christmas.

Well, I have to share Portland weather now.

If there’s anything that makes me not like Portland, it’s the rain. As I write this, it has rained almost non-stop since 3 days ago. I beat myself up for not buying gumboots when they were on sale during holidays. I knew this was coming. I’ve made mental notes to get a pair and a really, really good umbrella—the kind that can somehow make its way through a gusty day.

I was warned about rain here. The weather here doesn’t do a let’s-dump-all-this-rain-for-2-hours-to-get-done-with-it. I call it a leak in the sky. It just keeps dripping, like towards the end of a big dump of rain (you know what I’m talking about tropical folks), except it doesn’t really end…ha, at least not for hours. I have noticed people wear fancy gumboots here to work. Some don’t even bother switching to dress shoes. I resisted that for a while, but it’s so sensible that my practicality is reigned in.

Before the rain, there was some lovely snow fall and even way before that was a series of sunny days. The night snow fell and accumulated, Jon and I ran outside to have fun in it. I snapped pictures and tasted snow for the first time. We kept saying how unfortunate it was that Liam missed it. The sky had a luminescent color, which caught my attention as we headed to bed (hence running out to play). I was disappointed to wake up to the beginning of the rain that destroyed the beautiful white scenery all around. Nonetheless, he still played in the slushy snow in the morning. I can’t wait for spring really.

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One morning when Liam and I wanted to go out for breakfast, we discovered a Scandinavian restaurant, Broder, that’s 3 blocks away from our house. He loves their Aebleskiver (pancakes shaped into balls), so much so that he remembered the restaurant’s name. We went there again with Desi on New Year’s Eve. They were very accommodating to our vegan lady company. :) It was a great find and I can’t wait to dine there again with my sister (Vanessa) and her Danish husband (Kim) in March when they come visit. 

I can’t believe it’s already the middle of January!

Since having Liam, January has been about a first-half recovering from the holidays and a second-half preparing for Liam’s birthday. There really isn’t much to prepare, but I like to plan in advance. We had thought of many ideas as early as November. We only have 1 kid, so I have this self-imposed guilt/pressure to give him the best that we could in all aspects. Believe me when I say that I’m not planning an O.T.T. party.

He’s now in the age that he recognizes birthday parties as fun times spent with friends outside of school. I was disappointed that we couldn’t make it to the party of one of his close friends in December because of our visit to grandpa, but that was soon followed by a joint celebration of another friend and his brother.

His little birthday party is looking more solid now. I’m not giving any details yet but it will involve pizzas, cake, and ice.